Shoprider is one of, if not the most powerful electric mobility scooter on the Australian market. This doesn't mean speed, as these scooters are governed down to a max of 10klm per hour to meet QLD regulations. But this scooter will climb hills others just won't look at. And the ride is superb. The coil spring suspension is a pleasure. The features are just so numerous.. Delta style steering, variable power settings, horn, blinkers, stop lights, reverse beeper, front and rear baskets, solid bumper bars, powerful headlight, the list goes on and on.

TOTALLY MOBILE have sold many of these fantastic scooters. They are a quality product with full factory backed warranty. We carry a full range of spare parts including tyres, batteries, bulbs and lenses, in fact the full range of parts is available.

Test drive welcome or we can bring a scooter to you so you can test in your familiar surroundings. Please don't hesitate to call. As well as our new larger showroom we service the whole of the Wide Bay area, so if you are outside our service area we are only a phone call away, so you know you will always have support should there ever be a problem with your scooter.

Front Lights, Horn, Loop Handle Steering, Adjustable Steering Tiller, 260mm Pneumatic Tyres, Back Adjustment Seat and Lift Up Arm Rests, Front Tiller Shopping Basket, Rotating Seat, Battery Level Warning Light, Anti Tip Wheels, Full Suspension, Finger Control Loop Handlebar.

Length - 1280mm
Width - 600mm
Speed - 8km/h
Load - 136kg on flat
Weight - 99kg
Motor Size - 0.75 Hp
Batteries - Up to 50 Amp
Wheel Size - 260mm
Climbing Angle - 12 Degrees
Max Climbing Angle - 15 Degrees
888WHD - Large Capacity Powerchair
Large Comfortable Captain's Chair, Strong Adjustable Armrests, Large Battery Capacity, Excellent Maneuverability, Anti-tip Wheels, Large Weight Capacity.

Length - 1180mm inc. anti tip wheels
Width - 740mm
Speed - 7km/h
Load - 225kg on level ground
Weight - 137kg* inc. batteries
Motor Size - 1hp x 2
Batteries - 2 x 60 amp
Climbing Angle - 6-12 Degrees
Note - You need to be fit to operate this unit.
*Driver weight may exceed weight of unit.
Reduce speed when turning.

Modesty Panel, Front and Rear Lights, Adjustable Steering Tiller, Horn, Hazard Lights, 330mm Pneumatic Tyres, Width Adjustable Arm Rests, Sliding/Rotating Seat, High Low Speed Switch, Front and Rear Suspension, Battery Level warning, Front and Rear Bumper Pads. *Electric Seat Height Adjustment available as option.

Length - 1300mm
Width - 640mm
Speed - 10km/h
Load - 120kg
Weight - 85kg
Motor Size - 1.0 Hp
Batteries - 2 x 40 Amp
Wheel Size - 330mm
Climbing Angle - 12 Degrees
Max Climbing Angle - 15 Degrees

High back black Airflow seat, Gas adjustable Steering Tiller, 330 mm Pneumatic Tyres, Width Adjustable and Fold-down Armrests, Front Shopping Basket, Sliding / Rotating Seat, Anti Tip Wheels, L.E.D Battery Level Warning Light, Front & Rear Lights, Looped handle bar for finger steering, Front and Rear Suspension

Length - 1300mm
Width - 640mm
Speed - 12km/h
Load - 159kg

Plush Captain's Seat, Adjustable Armrests, Smooth Operation, Colour Change Panels Included, Can Dismantle to Transport, Free Wheel Device. Note: Swing Away and Elevating Leg Rest Available.

Length - 920mm
Width - 690mm
Speed - 9.9km/h
Load - 135kg
Weight - 137kg inc seat and batteries
Motor Size - 1.34 Hp x 2
Batteries - up to 50 Amp
Wheel Size - 330mm
Climbing Angle - 8-15 Degrees

Great Turning Circle, Flat Free Tyres, Shopping Basket, Easy to Dismantle and Assemble, Swivel Seat, Lift up Armrests, Excellent for Indoor Use, No Clips or Plugs to Dismantle, Includes Separate Charger.

Length - 1050mm
Width - 560mm
Speed - 6km/h
Load - 136kg
Heaviest Part - 16kg
Batteries - 17-21 Amps
Turning Circle - 1150mm
Range - up to 20km
Charger - 3 Amp
Tyres - F/R-225mm
PHFW - 10
Fully Enclosed Cabin, Delta Steering Tiller / Adjustable, Rear Lights, Indicators, Twin Headlights, Hazard Lights, Double Layer Paddd Captain's Seat, Sliding Seat, Front and Rear Suspension, High and Low Speed, Large Battery Capacity, Removable Doors, Windscreen Wiper.

Length - 1600mm
Width - 790mm
Height - 1620mm

Speed - 10km/h
Load - 160kg
Weight - 195kg with batteries
Motor Size - 2.0 Hp
Batteries - Up to 75 Amps
Turning Circle - 1780mm
Delta Steering Tiller / Adjustable, Rear Lights, Indicators, Battery Power Indicator, Twin Headlights, Hazard Lights, Shopping Basket, Double Layer Padded Captain's Seat, Sliding Rotating Seat, Front and Rear Suspension, High and Low Speed, Width Adjustable and Lift Up Arm Rests, Battery Level Warning Light, Larg Battery Capacity, Front Bumper Pad, Large 360mm Alloy Wheels.

Length - 1430mm
Width - 680mm
Speed - 15km/h
Load - 227kg
Weight - 147kg
Motor Size - 2.0 Hp
Batteries - Up to 75 Amp
Wheel Size - 360mm
Climbing Angle - 8 Degrees
Max Climbing Angle - 15 Degrees

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